Message from the President
We believe that it is the mission of a company as flexible as ours to support the development of vacuum technology by quickly and inexpensively supplying the equipment needed by those who are active in the field of research and development of cutting-edge technology, and by making successive improvements and modifications in the experimental process. We also develop, commercialize, sell, and provide services related to the preparation of electron microscope specimens as cutting-edge analysis tools for new technology development.

Company Name Vacuum Device Inc.
President and Representative Director Hisaharu Yoshida
The Company has continued to expand the basic in 1985 since foundation.
It is a small corporation with the type of production which was consistent to a developm ent design, machining, assembly adjustment, and sale.
It acted together by a small number of people, and each one has aimed at the company which can demonstrate power to the highest.
Employees each other, and to cherish the mutual understanding with a customer, we have the goal of equipment developing that dress joy to each other.
Since especially the latest research equipment has many particular, it provides an equipment which can start an experiment. We are made improvements in the process.
This conside rs the duty of the company whose small turn like our company is effective.
Manufacturing development and sales of
1. Development and production sale of the sample manufacturing equipment for electron microscope.
2. A design and production of the vacuum apparatus to use for the study of new material that use a vacuum atmosphere particularly the semiconductor.
3. Design and production of the special parts for vacuum apparatus.

Main Factory

Head Office Address Postal Code:311-4155
1285-5 Iijima-cho, Mito-city, Ibaraki, Japan
phone 029−212−7600
MAIL device@shinkuu.co.jp


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